Tree By-Products

High-Quality Tree By-Products for Your Yard

Add some mulch to your flower beds or throw a log or two onto the campfire when you purchase our sustainably sourced by-products. We offer a great selection of items for you to enjoy, including saw logs and specialty lumber.


With over 20 years of experience and being backed by the BBB, you know that Shamrock Tree Service Inc won't ever steer you the wrong way.

Tree By-Products That We Offer

  • Mulch (Email us to be put on our list for free mulch delivery, as available)

  • Firewood

  • Saw Logs

  • Specialty Lumber

Fresh Cut Wood - We Deliver!


We sell fresh cut wood right off the truck from job sites and can deliver to you directly. This uses smaller branches and creates a minimum in terms of waste of fossil fuels and time/effort. These loads are a mixed variety between green and fairly seasoned wood (not fully seasoned since the wood comes directly from job sites). They run the gamut between the hardest woods, such as Hickory and Locust, and some of the softer woods like Silver Maple. We exclude Cottonwood Plane and Hedge. The "hip" customer buys wood that is green year-round at a reduced price. A full cord/trailer load is 4x4x8 and is sold for $250. A half trailer load is sold for $120. No pick up loads, but we can deliver it to you if you are within our delivery area. It's only an additional $20 if you would like your wood stacked on your property!  Contact us today for more information! 

compostable mulch lawrence ks

Compostable Mulch


Our mulch is made from whole trees! Very compostable, the high leaf content converts rapidly to beautiful humus.

What Can Compostable Mulch be Used for?

  • Cooling soil temperatures

  • Covering mud spots

  • Surrounding trees

  • Producing bumper crops of crickets & worms for chicken feed


Email us to be put on our list for FREE mulch delivery (as it becomes available).

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