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Lawrence, KS

Shamrock Tree Service Inc never makes a hasty decision on tree removal. For us, it's always the last resort. When your trees are diseased, dead or severely damaged, a tree removal service is sometimes the only option to keep you and your property safe.


When you feel you may need a tree removal in the Lawrence, KS area, call our helpful crew today for a FREE estimate. If you prefer, we offer low-impact work. No heavy equipment will be in your yard.

Our Tree Removal Services in Lawrence, KS

  • Debris removal

  • Assessment of the safety and structure of hazardous trees

  • Removal of dead trees

Experienced Tree Expert Professionals You Can Depend On

With over 20 years of experience, our tree service removal company has a keen eye for the trees that can be saved and those that can't be saved. We're backed by the BBB and have licensed and insured arborists on staff. Allow us to take a look at your trees and come up with a plan that best suits your needs.

Signs you may need tree removal services:


1. Root Indicators for tree removal

  • Check the roots of the tree - the ground is swelling around them could be an indication of decay.

  • Look for mushrooms or other fungi growing out of the roots, as this could also be an indication that the roots are decayed.

  • Small shoots coming from the roots or at the base of the trunk, this is a sign of stress in the tree which could mean the tree is dying. This could happen if the land and/or trees around them or their soil has been disturbed.

2. Trunk Indicators for tree removal

  • Check the trunk for loose bark or bark falling off the tree as this is a sign of rot inside the trunk.

  • If parts of the trunk are swelling, this is also a possible sign of rot inside the tree. 

  • Large cracks in the trunk are a sign of severe damage and could be dangerous as it is weakening the tree.

3. Branch Indicators for tree removal

  • Look up to the upper branches - large dead branches at the top of a tree could be hazardous as they could easily fall in a storm or due to high winds.

  • If the upper branches are not producing leaves or showing small twigs with living buds on them, they are probably dead.


Any tree that is showing one or more of these indicators could be hazardous and may potentially be in danger of toppling over. Our tree service experts can evaluate if a tree truly does pose a danger and need to be removed and can take it down it a safe and efficient manner.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree care ensures the health and longevity of your trees. Turn to the crew members at Shamrock Tree Service Inc!

Tree Disease Prevention

There are times when a tree may need additional support to keep it stable during storm condition. We can Help!

Tree By-Products

Add some mulch to your flower beds or throw a log or two onto the campfire when you purchase our sustainably sourced by-products.


Several of our crew members are certified by the Kansas Arborists Association. We know how to properly care for your trees.

Call us at 785-865-4160 for FREE estimates on our tree and debris removal services.

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