Devices & Disease Prevention

Top-Notch Devices and Disease Prevention Service

There are times when a tree may need additional support to keep it stable during storm condition. We can provide this service. Turn to us when you need help.


Shamrock Tree Service Inc is committed to providing conscientious workmanship. Call our highly experienced team and let us devote our full attention to your trees. Get in touch with us soon so that we can begin creating a regime that's right for you.

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Do your trees need a little nip and tuck? No problem! Give us a call now to schedule a tree care appointment. After a thorough assessment of your trees, we'll determine which approach is the best for your needs and go from there. Our business is accredited by the BBB. We have certified and licensed arborists on staff.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree care ensures the health and longevity of your trees. Turn to the crew members at Shamrock Tree Service Inc!

Tree Removal

When your trees are diseased, dead or severely damaged, a tree removal service is sometimes the only option.

Tree By-Products

Add some mulch to your flower beds or throw a log or two onto the campfire when you purchase our sustainably sourced by-products.


Have peace of mind knowing that we have certified arborists on staff. Our arborists are certified not only in the State of Kansas but also in Maine and Colorado.

Call us at 785-865-4160 for FREE estimates on our tree and debris removal services.

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