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Shamrock Tree Service

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Lawrence, KS Tree Services

Learn More About Our Timber Stand Improvement & Native Forest Restoration Services

With Shamrock Tree Service Inc, you can be confident that you're getting the best tree service in and around Lawrence Kansas.

Our licensed tree service company is here to keep your trees healthy!


Whether your trees need a trim or you need complete tree removal due to damage and disease, we can help! Dan is a certified arborist and licensed in the state of Kansas. Our team members have the experience and skills you can trust. Our crew can ensure the longevity of your trees by establishing a regimen of regular and gentle attention.


Our current non-emergency schedule is several weeks out, so make sure to contact us now to secure your spot in line! We're happy to get you on our schedule and we can do a walk-through with you at the time of the job. If it ends up being work that might be above our means, we will get you taken care of with the aid of one of our many colleagues with the necessary equipment. We're happy to help if you don't mind waiting on our expertise for a while!

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Compostable Mulch

Our mulch is made from whole trees! Very compostable, the high leaf content converts rapidly to beautiful humus.

What Can Compostable Mulch be Used for?

  • Cooling Soil Temperatures

  • Covering Mud Spots

  • Surrounding Trees

  • Producing Bumper Crops of Crickets & Worms for Chicken Feed

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The heavily wooded lot and priceless old trees are great assets at Naismith House. We trust Shamrock Tree Service, Inc. with maintenance and care of our trees. These guys - Dan and Jon Winter - were amazing this week. Despite the heat, they didn’t cut any corners (only, uh limbs), and did an amazing job. Highly recommend Shamrock for anyone in the Lawrence area. Thank you, Dan and Jon!

– The Naismith House


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